Kimberley's A Day Spa Stories - It's Always All About You - page 6

I couple of things that I remember vividly from 25 years ago…
I had a 1:00 ceremony in Saratoga and I lived in Rotterdam so
Kim had to start very early in the morning getting all of us ready.
She had done my mom, mother-in-law, sister and me. I remember
my brothers taking turns driving all of us in different shifts to and from Latham and I thought it
was so funny driving home with my hair all done with my veil on with jeans and a button-down
Kim was always the consummate professional and perfectionist! The 80’s was known for big and
curly hair and Kim always wanted every hair in place. I never worried when she did my hair
because I knew it would always be beautiful. I don’t even think we did a test run beforehand
because I knew whatever she did, I would love. She always joked that she would put in enough
hairspray to withstand a hurricane. Not once did I have to touch up my hair throughout the day
or night! I remember driving home that night and taking out all of the bobby pins – it seemed to
take an hour to get them all out. There were so many and we just laughed as I just kept finding
another and another...
– Patty Valletta
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