Kimberley's A Day Spa Stories - It's Always All About You - page 7

My first introduction to Kimberley’s was, let me say - many years ago when this beautiful spa was
located in Bayberry Plaza. I walked into the beauty salon with a ‘highlighting gone bad’. My very
dark hair had streaks of white - that’s right white. Because it took so long to get the highlighting to
process, there wasn’t time to get the hair cut I desperately needed. Therefore, I was forced to report
to work the next morning looking - well - there are no words to describe how I looked. My close
friend took one look at me and said ‘I’m taking you to Kimberley’s.’
Kim showed me that my hair had been severely damaged. It had the elasticity of a rubber band.
Over several months my hair was nursed back to health and each cut and color was better than the
one before...starting with the very first. I think I’ve been going to Kimberley’s well over 15 years.
– Lois Ferro
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